Links of interest

Chamber of Commerce
Reference for current and historical prices of different agricultural products of the country.

Uruguay XXI
Investment and Export Promotion Institution that seeks to internationalize the Uruguayan economy, by promoting investments and increasing exports of goods and services.

Asociación de Consignatarios de Ganado (Livestock Consignee Association)
Asociación que agrupa a los intermediarios en compraventa de ganado con información semanal actualizada.

INIA (National Agricultural Research Institute)
Public-private institution in charge of agricultural scientific research

PRENADER CONEAT CONEAT (Natural Resources Management and Irrigation Development Program/CONEAT Productivity Index)
Office under the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries in charge of evaluating the productivity of different Uruguayan soils



Plan Agropecuario (Agricultural Plan)
Research and Extension Institution related to the agricultural activity

ARU (Rural Association of Uruguay)
Agricultural union responsible for keeping genealogical records of different animal breeds, and for being involved in the political arena

SUL (Uruguayan Wool Secretariat)
Public-private institution in charge of research and development of the Uruguayan sheep production

INAC (National Meat Institute)
Public-private institution responsible for monitoring and auditing the quality and commercialization of meat in the domestic market and abroad

Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries

OPYPA  (Office of Agricultural Planning and Policy)
Office under the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries in charge of compiling historical information and agricultural statistics


National Bureau of Metereology
Institute under the Ministry of Defense in charge of weather forecasting


Diario El País
PNational newspaper

Diario El Observador
National newspaper

Diario La República
National newspaper

Banco de la República Oriental del Uruguay. BROU (Bank of the Republic of Uruguay)
A state-owned and the largest bank in Uruguay, which competes with other private financial institutions

NSE (Turkey)