Our proven experience endorses us

Many years as successful agribusinessmen endorse our career, as well as more than 40,000 hectares managed in Uruguay. Our customers’ trust speaks for ourselves, which makes us very proud, and encourages us to continue improving every day and to adapt to new realities.
We have been able to adapt to different production systems successfully over time due to our extensive knowledge and experience, and our presence in the most diverse areas of the country; from the hills of Cerro Largo, the rice-pasture systems, the intensive dairy-farming systems of Canelones and Colonia to the intensive crop-livestock systems of the western coast.
Even today we continue managing farms set up decades ago, having overcome adverse climate conditions and economic crises which hit the country.
In addition to its experience throughout Uruguay, the company currently adds a new livestock venture with more than 38,000 hectares in Paraguay.